Come Join Us In Belize…

Below are the upcoming dates for the real estate trip/tour. The trip takes place Friday to Monday, providing a comprehensive and educational approach. Let us know what dates work for you!

Upcoming Trip Dates

July 17 to July 20

  • Trip Begins Friday, July 17th
  • Trip Ends Monday, July 20th

August 7 to August 10

  • Trip Begins Friday, August 7th
  • Trip Ends Monday, August 10th

September 4 to September 7

  • Trip Begins Friday, September 4th
  • Trip Ends Monday, September 7th

September 25 to September 28

  • Trip Begins Friday, September 25th
  • Trip Ends Monday, September 28th

October 2 to October 5

  • Trip Begins Friday, October 2nd
  • Trip Ends Monday, October 5th

November 20 to November 23

  • Trip Begins Friday, November 20th
  • Trip Ends Monday, November 23rd

December 4 to December 7

  • Trip Begins Friday, December 4th
  • Trip Ends Monday, December 7th

January 22 to January 25

  • Trip Begins Friday, January 22nd
  • Trip Ends Monday, January 25th
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